Agreement terms and conditions Verifíquese cédula

1. About us.

Welcome to Verifíquese Cédula App. Verifíquese Cédula is owned by VENKO S.A.S., a company under private law identified with NIT 900.373.948-1. For any notification the contact information is available here:

  • Address:  Carrera 15 No. 91-30 Piso 4 Bogotá D.C. Colombia

  • Phone:  +57(1) 7434181

  • E-mail:

VENKO S.A.S. is not a government entity, it also does not represent the State entities. All its activities are autonomous and individual.

2. Glossary

In order to understand the Terms and Conditions Agreement,the following definitions are required:

  1. Verifíquese Cédula:  Mobile app which allows scanning ID documents and address to online contents about State public information through government or official entities.

  2. User:  Natural person of legal age who accesses the application in order to address their information.

  3. Information provider:  State or Government entity that allows access to public information through its website, which is addressed through Verifíquese Cédula.

  4. Information object of the address:  It is the information that the information providers have enabled for consultation through the Internet or document scanning.

3. Application.

Verifíquese Cédula is legally domiciled in Colombia, but has a presence of its services in the following countries:

  • Argentina

  • Brasil

  • Chile

  • Costa Rica

  • Ecuador

  • El Salvador

  • Guatemala

  • Nicaragua

  • Panamá

  • Perú

In its operation, compliance with the regulations of the Colombian State governs.

4. Verifíquese service description.

4.1. People authorized to use it.

Verifíquese Cédula is only available to people who have legal capacity to legally bind and contract. If you do not meet this requirement, you will not be able to use Verifíquese Cédula.

4.2. What do we do?

Verifíquese Cédula offers two (2) alternatives in its use:

  1. Addresses public information generated by the information provider.

  2. Some public documents issued by the State contain a barcode, which is a representation of information. Verifíquese reads the code and extracts these characters, translating them in a readable way for the user, that is, the information that is shown to the user is the one that contains the same code of the document.

5. Using the service.

To use the information addressing offered by Verifíquese Cédula, it is necessary for the user to enter their identification number (Citizenship Card or its equivalent in other countries), or in case they have a mobile device / iPad or similar with a video camera HD, you can scan the code of the personal identification document.

Users, after complying with the duties and obligations required by the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data, may access the addressing / scanning of information published by information providers through Verifíquese Cédula.

6. Service use restrictions.

It is prohibited to use the Verifíquese Cédula service to infringe the rights of third parties in accordance with current legislation in each country.

The use of the Verifíquese Cédula service for illegal purposes is prohibited.

7. System requirements.

For the correct use of Verifíquese Cédula, the user must have at least the following technical specifications on their mobile device and/or iPad:

  1. 1) Operating System: iOS 11.0 or higher software to run the application.

  2. 2) Device and/or iPad with a minimum 5 Megapixel HD video camera with autofocus to make use of the barcode recognizer in the different supported documents.

8. Service disponibility.

The availability of the information to be addressed depends entirely on the information providers.

The Verifíquese Cédula team makes the best effort to allow the user the best experience in using the service, without guaranteeing or assuming responsibility for the availability of the information.

9. About the service as it is.

The execution of Verifíquese Cédula is provided to users as is. Verifíquese Cédula does not guarantee that it is free of errors.

10. Exemption from liability of Verifíquese Cédula.

Information published by information providers is not guaranteed to be true and complete. Verifíquese Cédula does not produce, edit, control, modify or audit the information published by the information providers.

Verifíquese Cédula does not assume any responsibility for inaccuracies or errors related to the information addressed, or that which is extracted from the document issued by the State by reading the barcode.  

Verifíquese Cédula provides an exclusive intermediation service, facilitating the directing of users to the information that rests on the websites of information providers. Therefore, Verifíquese Cédula does not collect, store, use, circulate, or delete personal data.

Users of Verifíquese Cédula access and direct the information through the websites of the information providers under their own responsibility and in respect of the duties and obligations provided by the General Law on Protection of Personal Data.

11. Inherent risks in the use of technology.

Users acknowledge that the execution of the Verifíquese Cédula service generates intrinsic risks to the technology, which are assumed with the acceptance of these terms and conditions.

The Verifíquese Cédula team makes the best effort to minimize the presence of said risks, without guaranteeing their suppression in the execution of the service.

12. Indemnity of Verifíquese Cédula.

Users agree to hold Verifíquese Cédula harmless against any possible claim, demand, fine, penalty, sanction, compensation and / or compensation. The inappropriate treatment of the information will be the sole responsibility of the users.

The indemnity owed by users includes any legal costs and / or legal fees incurred.

In any event that proves performance or omission of Verifíquese Cédula contrary to these terms and conditions, and that results in compensation to users, it will only be made up to a maximum of the amount paid by the user for the contracting of services Verifíquese Cédula.

13. Service parts.

13.1. Information providers.

Verifíquese Cédula allows its users to find the address of public information generated by the following information providers. To consult the information providers, access the following link:

13.2. Supported documents.

Verifíquese Cédula allows its users to access the documents listed in the following link:

Verifíquese Cédula reserves the right to add or remove from its service any of the providers of information or related documents.

14. Privacy policy.

The privacy policy of Verifíquese Cédula can be consulted by accessing the following link:

15. Assistance and support.

Any request that users wish to make in relation to the provision of the Verifíquese Cédula service will be received through the following email: .

16. Intellectual property.

The content made available in Verifíquese Cédula including texts, graphics, logos, icons, images, technical sheets, downloadable files, and any other information (the "content"), is the property of Venko S.A.S. or has been licensed to it by the respective owners.

In this sense, the user and any third party must refrain from extracting and / or reusing parts of the content without the prior and express consent of the site and / or their respective owners. 

Likewise, the brands or industrial designs that are part of the content are the property of Venko S.A.S. and for this reason, they cannot be used without the authorization of the respective holder in accordance with the provisions established in Decision 486 of 2000 and other applicable regulations.

17. Acceptance of terms and conditions and specific information.

This agreement on the Verifíquese Cédula Terms and Conditions constitutes the legal link between the user and the application, at the same time that it determines the use of the services offered by Verifíquese Cédula.

This agreement does not create any partnership, mandate, franchise, or employment relationship between Verifíquese Cédula and the user.

If you do not accept all the terms and conditions, do not use Verifíquese Cédula.

18.  Jurisdiction and applicable laws.

The Terms and Conditions established in this agreement are governed by the laws in force of the Colombian State, so before proceeding to accept them, we suggest you read them carefully. Users who use Verifíquese Cédula from a location outside of Colombia will do so within the framework of compliance with the Colombian State regulations in this matter.

19. Substantial changes in the terms and conditions.

Verifíquese Cédula reserves the right to review and modify the content of the terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice to users / customers.

The user agrees to be bound by any of the revisions, which will be in force from the moment they are available for consultation.